"How can we simplify mobile data collection?"

That was our driving question in early 2012. Juggling multiple software installs, expensive GPS units (often requiring training) and aggregating data on tight deadlines are all common problems faced by a growing number of professionals.


The solution - Field Flag

Field Flag is the result of combining our experiences with mobile data collection and a drive towards simplicity.

Business experts, not GIS experts

Most professionals today that have "in the field" data collection needs are not GIS experts - they just need to get their job done.

We made Field Flag for them.

Consumer-level smartphones

Android and iOS smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and many people are already familiar with how to operate them. Field Flag was designed with web-enabled smartphones and tablets in mind from day one, and is optimized for those devices.

Modern web technologies

By using web technologies, Field Flag users can send their data back in real time. Information can be exported from FieldFlag.com in Excel or CSV formats for archiving or integration with other applications.


The Team

Kate Lyndegaard

Kate is currently pursuing her Masters degree in GIS at Penn State. Over the past several years, she's held positions with various local government organizations where she's had the opportunity to become involved in a variety of different community projects each with specific GIS needs and solutions. In her spare time, Kate trains at the gym daily and plays golf. She also enjoys traveling to Denmark, and learning the Danish language.

Michael Kimsal

Michael has over 15 years of web development experience, working in industries including education, finance, manufacturing and logistics. He produces the webdevradio podcast series for developers, and is a speaker at regional technology conferences.


Contact us at info@fieldflag.com for more information.