How can Field Flag help you?

Take a look below at some example use cases for Field Flag.


Ava, GIS Director

Monitoring the usability of city bike racks

Ava works at a local regional planning office that provides technical support to the city and surrounding areas.

An assessment of the usability status and user rate of 200 local bike racks has been requested and will be addressed by her staff over the course of the next 12 months.

The assessment will require members of her team to periodically monitor the bike racks to track usage. Once field agents locate a bike rack, Field Flag enables them to enter information about its condition, use rate, and any other variables Ava has identified in her custom data entry form.

Using Field Flag on existing, GPS-enabled smartphone devices, Ava's team will be able to commence work on the project immediately.

With minimal training, and no costly hardware procurements, the project is off to great start.








Henry, Owner

Document on-site job estimates

Henry is the owner of EcoLandscaping, a mid-sized company which serves both private and commercial clients.

The company is growing, and their paper-based system used to report job estimates is becoming increasing difficult to manage. Henry is looking for a solution that will enable his employees to document client requests while they are on-site and update office personnel in real-time.

With Field Flag, Henry has the information he needs to better manage the services his company provides.


Elsa, Professor of Archeology

Survey local archaeology site

Elsa is a Professor of Archaeology at a local college. In collaboration with a local Tribal Association, Elsa plans to begin surveying local sites to document cultural features and visible artifacts.

Student involvement is an integral part of planned research efforts, and Elsa is searching for a solution that will enable her to task students with field data collection.

Field Flag will allow Elsa to leverage students' familiarity with smartphone devices and include a greater number of students on the project.






Samantha, AICP

Perform asset inventory of city light poles

Samantha is employed by her local city government. Citizen reports have recently drawn attention to a number of non-functional street lights.

Without an existing inventory of the physical location of street lights throughout the city, plans to address the issue have reached a standstill. Samantha has been put in charge of conducting an asset inventory of the over 500 light poles citywide.

The data collection effort will enable planners to implement efficient maintenance schedules and monitor the condition of city assets.


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